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Tilte I Parent Meeting

This meeting is on December 11, at 4:00 p.m. in the school library. The principal will be sharing how this year’s Title I funds are being used and will be soliciting feedback on how these funds can be used in the future.

COBRAS Take Gold in Special Olympics

Last month, on November 8, Carver sent two soccer and two bocce ball teams to Kennedy Park to compete with schools from around Yuma County in this year’s annual Special Olympics.

All of the school’s teams were comprised of a mix of our exceptional students and our general education students as their partners. The students spent weeks practicing before they competed at the main event. The results were amazing! All of Carver’s teams came back with gold medals!

The school is extremely proud of what the teams were able to accomplish and of our students working together throughout their practices and games.

This success is not possible without all of the hard work of our teachers in our specialized programs and their paraprofessional teams.

In addition, thank you to our general education teachers for selecting caring and supportive students to be work as partners as well. Thank you to the families that came out to support our students and being awesome cheerleaders during the games. Carver continues to strive to find inclusive opportunities for all students. Our hope is to build a culture of empathy and understanding between students that fosters a positive learning environment.

Donations to the Library

Our library can always use new books, and we gladly take book donations! We welcome new or practically-new books. If you have any at home, or see some that would be great to have at school, we encourage you to be helpful and give as you are able. We always appreciate money donations as well. When you make a money donation, you'll get a tax credit. So not only does it help our school, but you get a tax reimbursement too. Thank you for your generosity!