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G.W. Carver
Elementary School
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Welcome to the Proud Home of the Cobras

Welcome to George Washington Carver Elementary School, home of the Cobras in Yuma, Arizona. We're a K–5 school determined to provide students a safe learning environment that allows students to thrive. 

Our goals are to see students grow as citizens and as students. We encourage our students and staff to practice our C.O.B.R.A.S. values of being Caring, Organized, Bright, Respectful, Ambitious, and Supportive. We believe by following these values that our Carver community can be successful in building positive relationships and continue our learning.

Carver is an AVID Elementary school and determined to make our students college and career ready. We are also a Unified Champion school that believes every student should be able to participate in the day-to-day activities of the school.

Our vision is acceptance, education, and empowerment for all learners. We are glad to have your students with us and consider ourselves the greatest little school on either side of the James Jefferson Bridge!

A Message From our Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I want to welcome you to George Washington Carver Elementary School. For over 70 years, Carver has been dedicated to the academic growth and success of students in Yuma. We are proud of our tradition of being innovative in our teaching and inclusive in all we do. 

Our role is to provide students the best possible education for them to be successful in middle school, high school, and beyond. It is our hope to educate the whole child by providing opportunities to students to explore their interests. Our teachers provide hands-on activities and experiences that fully engage students in their learning.

Carver is dedicated to partnering with our families and community to ensure the success of our students. Thank you for being a Cobra and a member of our Carver community!


Matt Buckley

Matt Buckley, Principal