G.W. Carver
Elementary School

Our School

Our teachers and staff care about your children. We want them to have the best education, and we also want them to grow up to be well-rounded people. Our dedicated teachers are constantly finding new and engaging ways to teach the basics and prepare your kids for middle school. We encourage you to join in your student's education. We always appreciate parent volunteers.

We hope you'll get involved. There is so much opportunity for involvement at our school already; we know something will catch your student's interest. Whether it be violin lessons, the art club, cheer leading, ballet, band, soccer, you name it, we hope you'll participate!

The child who crosses the threshold of George W. Carver School is assured of an exemplary program of education. The entire staff and faculty of Carver are directed toward serving the child—a service of the heart. We value the child as unique, with special needs and special gifts. We generate every effort toward the success of the child. To this end, we have developed many innovative and supportive programs in a direct effort to scaffold the child.